Sandy Carr


Sandy Carr was born in Rochester, NY, into a family who enthusiastically encouraged exploration, discovery and creativity. From her earliest memories she can recall being inspired by the natural culture of her surroundings and attracted to the sensory arts – fascinated with visual imagery, sounds, textures, and unique and compelling smells and tastes. Her strong foundation of endless curiosity and a desire to understand how her personal creative process works led her to engage in various forms of artistic expression, including photography, weaving, natural dyes, candle-making, sewing, soapmaking and papermaking.

After a successful career in media and technology, Sandy’s adventuresome spirit transported her to France, and a dynamic new universe opened up for her. She followed her nose to the Grasse Institute of Perfumery where she studied both synthetic and natural ingredients, learning the families of scent and how to re-create the formulas for classic French accords. Completely enthralled with the art of perfumery, she began to build her own collection of raw materials.

Infused with her new passion, Sandy ventured into entrepreneurship, developing her own line of perfumes influenced by her love for the natural beauty of Boston and the New England area. Having spent many happy hours on the trails of the Blue Hill Reservation, which inspired her first creation, she lovingly named her company BLUEHILL Fragrances.

Sandy has sold her perfumes in fine coastal boutiques and at various open markets in Boston and Rhode Island. She particularly enjoys meeting customers and has been elated to find that they love her scents and are asking for more offerings. Encouraged by an outpouring of positive feedback, Sandy has decided to grow the brand, create a new packaging look, and expand the market nationally.

The BLUEHILL Fragrances collection includes Zest, Metrogarden, Back Bay, Beach Rose and Midnight Ride, and more scent journeys lie ahead… Sandy is currently working on several new fragrances to share her joyful vision of New England landscapes!

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